complains~~ fedora9

after sticking on fedora for a one month++, I decided to switch back to ubuntu. the reason is simple, i can't bear with the endless and useless update in fedora. those update keeps eating Gs and Gs of my free disk space and always keeps my 512 ram computer slow like a hell. it improves nothing on the usability of the system. every time i need something, I still got to go download and install it myself. i'm finally fed up and switched back to ubuntu.

although the real reason causing the switch is not related to OS itself(some networking issue), but by switching, i can now have an easier life... since ubuntu can be installed quite fast and there are less updates to go...
prior to fedora9 i was using ubuntu 7.04. the experience wasn't so good, because it always has such driver issues, like removable hard drive not recognized, printer print kind of rubbish, etc. so this time, i decide to upgrade to 8.04 which is a long term support version. so i spent a bloody night to upgrade it.(don't ask me why not just install 8.04, i don't have the disk at that time...)

I have to say it's worthy upgrading. 8.04 is much cleaner much user friendlier. it provided many convinient way for you to install sofware. even the browser is linked to the software manger seamlessly. I installed java-6-sun from the browser, that's damn handy. and the font and language support is easily solved by go through the language support function, pre-built-in hard drive driver.
although after 8.04, canconical has been criticized for it's miserable contribution to linux development. but that bad impression shouldn't hinder the potential user from trying this good version of ubuntu.

for ub 8.10, I m not sure. I heard it's faster in process and smaller in kernel like windows 7?

I will try it after I got my desktop later this month.