Zeng Qiang
+65 86126518

National University of Singapore
 Aug 2007 – Jul 2011
Bachelor of Computing
Major in Communication and Media
Specialization: Games
CAP: 3.92 (2nd Class Honours )
Working Experience        
Software Engineer (Full time) at Openfeel Pte. Ltd
July 2011 – Present
  1. Software development including implementation of monthly features
  1. Bug hunting and fixing of existing projects
  2. Communication with clients and end-users to gather software requirements and to facilitate bug fixing processes
QA Tester (Intern) at Electronics Arts Singapore
June 2009 – Dec 2009
  1. Execution of daily testing tasks in Quality Assurance team
  1. Involved in developing scripts for Automation tests
  2. Involved in QA farm deployment for FIFA Online 3 and Need for Speed World Online
  3. Learned modern ways of Game QA by testing AAA title
  4. Experienced game development processes
Researcher (Intern) under Department of Comm and Media
 Jan 2008 – Dec 2008
  1. Worked with Supervisor and teammates to develop a series of teaching applications for interactive media classes using Scheme Programming language
  1. Application included a hypertext fiction editor and a graphical programming tool
  2. Used as teaching tool in class and a media in a story telling competition         
Web Programmer (Intern) at TechSailor Group Pte Ltd.
June 2008 – Dec 2008
  1. Developed facebook application “Jujups” (currently offline)
  1. Designed framework for a facebook quiz “What kind of Traveller are you”
  2. Gained knowledge of application development for the facebook
  3. “What kind of Traveller are you” still remains as a popular app
Relevant Projects
Final Year Project         
July 2010 – May 2011
  1. Used graphic rendering technique to do power saving on mobile FPS game
  1. Had a thorough understanding of Potentially Visible Set implementation in games         
  2. Studied the source code of Quake 3 Engine for Renderer and Networking components
  3. Implemented an algorithm to save power on wireless module
  4. Compared the result of the algorithm implemented in other games
  5. Highly commended by the supervisor
Game Development Project
Dec 2010 – May 2011
  1. Developed a prototype game using Unreal Engine 3
  1. Technical focus is on the implementation of Crowd-based AI
  2. CUDA is being used to compute bots AI in GPU
  3. AI includes A* path finding and state machine
  4. LOD and Perception-based algorithm is used to alleviate computation
  5. Grade A
Graphic Rendering         
 Jan 2011 – April 2011
  1.  Implement multi-pass rendering for planar reflection using Opengl
  1. Implement Radiosity and Hemicube algorithm for Cornell box using Opengl
Game Development
Jan 2010 – Dec 2010
  1. Implemented A* Search as well as Hierarchical path planning in a dummy game created in Ogre Graphic Engine
  1. Designed and modeled a 3D ball game using Blender software
3D Modeling and animation
July 2010 – Dec 2010
  1. Modeled an animated scene using Python in Maya
  1. The model was parametrically modifiable; Skeletal structure was used
  2. Grade A
General-Purpose GPU         
July 2010 – Dec 2010
  1. Implemented GLSL shaders to do bump mapping and env-mapping
  1. Implemented memory-efficient CUDA kernel program to do convolution and unique number calculations
Computer networks         
July 2008 – May 2009
  1. Implemented an FTP server, a simple distributed network, an instant messenger, as well as a web crawler
Game AI         
Jan 2009 – May 2009
  1. Designed an agent which can play the Pipedream game
  1. Implemented a path-finding LEGO robot which successfully walked through a maze         
  2. Implemented a text classification algorithm which cleverly categorizes passages
Skills and Experience
  1. C/C++ /Java
                  • Spent one year study Quake Engine and implement algorithms using C
                  • Completed a number of C/C++ project in areas of games, graphics and network
                  • Programmed android application as Hobby project                 
  1. PHP/Mysql        
        • Worked as full-time PHP programmer in a software company for 2 months        
          • Manage a project with over 100k lines of code
          • Analyse and execute complex queries in Database        
        • Build a facebook applications and several Drupal modules used for student acivities
  1. Linux
        • Used Linux as my main OS for over one year
        • Certain degree of understanding of the internal working of Operating System
Hobby and Interest
  1. Cross Country
  2. Swimming
  3. Reading technical books and blogs
  4. Writing blog (
  5. Interacting people about technology