Just before starting to work

Tomorrow will be the first official working day in my life. Normally people will feel excited or anxious for such day. But I don't really feel anything special. Xiaomao asked me to prepare for tomorrow's work. Things like what to wear and how to get there. These seems trivial for me because I know for a job like mine doesn't need much preparation. No orientation, because the company has only 6 persons in total. No formal dress, because I may never meet any client in the short term. No complicated transport route, because it only takes less than 20 minutes bus there. All I need is energy for the programming works yet to come.

WengWei said Openfeel shouldn't be called a startup company as it already has a history of 9 years. A typical startup that lasts for such a long period should have either already grown big or shutdown. I don't know the definition of a startup, but from WengWei's words, I know this company doesn't have good perspective. But I really don't care about the fortune this company can bring me. What I want is the opportunities to train my skill which big corporate can't offer. CoolShell has a article talking about two kind of organization of a software company. One is Widget Factory; the other is Film Crew. Obviously I want to be in a Film Crew as I want to enjoy what I did by having a sense of achievement. Mr Oh told me in the interview that I will be able to manage and design a project soon after I join the company. This indeed sounds promising!